Asja Yura & Vorenoff Udatschnik

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ch Vorenoff Ziganka Wolkowo

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ch Netochka Wolkowo

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ch Nadia Wolkowo

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Borodinskaja Bitka Wolkowo

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ch Hvostati Apraskin

We called him Goldy. And indeed it was gold on his color and personality to. Sometimes I thought , he read my minds. He left a profound impact on me.

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ch Hrustalnaja Azurka

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ch Casablanka Coastwind Wolkowo

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multi ch. Hlopkovaja Almaska

 Speciality BIS , Int , Slo , Cro, Hu ,At ,It ch , Slovenian Sighthound Club Winner Hlopkovaja Almaska ” Maska ” she was our the most successful borzoi . With six championships is also the most successful Slovenian borzoi to date. She was a mother of the BB litter and a dog with the best character of all our dogs. She was the Queen.

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ch Belogrudij Berkut Wolkowo

Multi ch Belogrudij Berkut Wolkowo, Slovenian Sighthound club winner & RBIS – “Berk “is Maska’s son, who went by his mother’s footsteps and just as she reached the exceptional show successes. He was a very impressive male, who quickly catch your eye and also aware of this. In 2008 we went to Crufts with him, where he was placed on the excellent fourth place in the strongest open class. Berk was from all of our dogs the most aristocratic character: slightly distant, indifferent and raised above all. He was also a successful coursing dog and he had very strong hunting instinct and he was a father of our FF litter.
His personality was not the most pleasant, but he was daddys boy and I miss him so much .

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Darogoj Dar Wolkowo

” Darko” was our highest dog , he’s grown in to 90 cm and more in shoulder. This doesn’ t match with our breeding program , but because he’s so similar to our foundation bitch Vorenoff Ziganka, we decided to keep him at home as a pet . In the garden he looked like a pony , but behaved like a Chihuahua. He was all his life like a small child.

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Crimson Claymore Wolkowo

Crimson Claymore Wolkowo – »Kim« was in my opinion, the best dog from our breeding and she represents for us the embodiment of the standard. Because she irreparable damages her foot during the birth, she was not able to attend shows. Kim was one of the most spoiled borzoi as I know. A bed was her home and she was a princess in the pea beans.

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ch Bilans Bare Truth Wolkowo

ch Bilans Bare Truth Wolkowo – »Krufka » was an import from polish kennel Bilans. In her big, strong body was the most gentle and joyful character. A lot of dogs that we like it is in her pedigree, especially our favorite Car of Twin Elms. She was the mother of our FF litter and the maid in our castle.

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ch Rothesby Sholwood Miracle

ch Rothesby Sholwood Miracle – Mirko. We chose this name because we were waiting for a male from Rothesby many, many years. We like Mirko’s bloodlines and his relatives very much and Sue Carter is my breeding guru since I know her. Mirko was our smallest male, but also the heaviest. Maybe he was not so attractive as Berk and Fars, but his qualities are hidden in the details. He had very strong and flat bones, the ideal feet, short hock, full of substance and nice movement. He was always outside in a garden end he was the most joyful and delightful dog. But this cowboy is very cruel hunter to. He is the father of our GG litter , E litter of franch kennel In The Name of Love , G litter of Bilans and TT litter of Polot , both from Poland . I.m extremly proud of his ofspring , because Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo , Bilans God’s Breath and Tylko Ten Polot are top representative of breed .Thanks Tomasz and Wisnia, because they believed in him.

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ch. Barhatnij Buket Wolkowo

Ch & Slovenian Sighthound Club Winner Barhatnij Buket Wolkowo – »Stebi » is Maska’s daughter . She is strong, elegant bitch with a very strong and independent character, and this is the reason why we didn’t show her a lot. She is the mother of the DD litter and absolute master of the house.

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Filigranovaja Figurka Wolkowo

Filigranovaja Figurka Wolkowo – »Figi« This special, young and elegant lady is living in the co-ownership with also special girls, our dear friends Nataša & Tjaša Vodan. In the youngclass she make nice winn winning young class in a strong competition in the Slovenian clubshow 2007. She is Slovenian Junior Champion and her time is just coming.

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Vice Worldwinner 2012
ch Fenomenalnij Fars Wolkowo

Fenomenalnij Fars Wolkowo is Berk’s son and as we say, like a father, like a son. We are his breeders, but the owner is our dear friend Katja Zorko. She also owns a male from our DD litter Divny Don Wolkowo. Fars in my opinion is the best male we breed, so we agreed with his owners that we can take him to the shows. He’s now slo, cro & int champion with lot of rankings in the top hound group and final BIS .

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ch Rothesby Sholwood Red Sky

He came to us as an adult dog from his breeder and our dear friend Sue Carter. We chosen him because of beautiful expression , good movement and his excellent details. He is also a friendly dog and true gentelman. He quickly became a champion and did lure – coursing license.

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